Greener, more efficient, simply better

UV wastewater disinfection at its best

With DURON, Xylem’s Wedeco brand ushers in a new era of wastewater ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for clean, safe treated wastewater requiring a minimum of energy and footprint. Higher powered, improved ECORAY lamp technology and a 45° vertical inclined design ensure not only an optimized performance efficiency, but also a compact footprint and easier maintenance. In case UV lamp replacement is required this can easily be done without lifting the modules out of the water. If occasionally modules need to be taken out of the channel this can be done via an integrated compact lifting mechanism, which also allows for easy winterization of the modules. Energy consumption is minimized at all operating conditions by means of a proven intelligent dose control coupled with Wedeco’s ECORAY lamp & ballast technology.

These features make DURON the ideal fit for all mid-size to large sewage plants that look for an environmentally friendly disinfection option that is easy to operate and maintain. DURON is the result of Wedeco’s comprehensive expertise in UV disinfection, which is well-known for nearly 40 years.

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  • reliable wastewater disinfection
  • no needs for chemical based disinfection
  • low electricity costs
  • low space requirement
  • easy and efficient service
  • low lamp count
  • low head loss

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Trustworthy performance, operational excellence

Water, fit for use

Conventional wastewater treatment is insufficient to meet ever stringent discharge levels of pathogens. On the other hand water shortage drives more and more areas around the world to invest into options for wastewater reuse. To cope with these challenges, Wedeco’s UV technology is a suitable method. Irradiation with UV light is a reliable, well-established way to inactivate 99,99 % of all pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites. A photochemical reaction leads to a sustainable inactivation of the microorganisms – without any negative impact to the water quality or formation of by-products.

To assure you that the disinfection performance can reliably be met, the Wedeco DURON system has extensively been tested by 3rd party. It meets the guideline of the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) as well as the US EPA’s UV disinfection guidance manual. In addition, the reliable and certified worldwide service system is at your disposal wherever you are.


  • inactivation of microorganisms
    within seconds
  • tried-and-tested technology
  • no harmful by-products
  • fully automated system with
    minimal maintenance requirements
  • simple handling
  • low operating costs
  • low lamp count